Thursday, October 19, 2017

NHML - Palm Siberia

So way back in January, when I was working on Biscuit Krueger's NHML pic, I was skimming through some of her episodes and came across Palm Siberia. I remember mentioning at the time how much I liked her and, while I don't know if her nomination came about because of that, I couldn't be happier that she won October's NHML spot. Not only is she a perfect fit for Halloween, but of the female characters I've met in Hunter × Hunter, she's probably my favorite. I know she has a Chimera Ant form later in the series that's more conventionally attractive than her design here, but this is the version of Palm I fell in love with and this is the version I'm most attracted to. I would really like to draw her again some day, and in fact I'm already in the planning stages of a Palm/Biscuit yuri pic that may show up here one of these days.

As for the Near Hentai Monthly Lady, it's time again to nominate characters for next month. The rules are simple. Anyone can nominate any female character they want, but only one character per person. There is an additional caveat that the character cannot be someone I've drawn in the past year (and, in fact, I would prefer characters I've never drawn at all). I will compile a list of all the nominees on the sidebar of this blog, and when the first of November rolls around I will do a quick raffle to randomly select a winner. The lucky lady will then star in her own picture like this one some time during the month. I look forward to seeing who all gets nominated this time around!

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