Friday, August 11, 2017

NHML - Demencia

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for August 2017 is Demencia from Villainous. I was excited when she won the raffle, as I've actually been wanting to use her for something for a while now. I hadn't seen Villainous, but I'd seen other artists draw her and I liked her design. I did finally watch the series of shorts in preparation for this pic, and my favorite of them played into the concept here. The episode focuses on a remote that, when used, creates the most evil thing the user can think of. Basically it creates a bunch of weird copies of Black Hat, the main character, but Demencia seems pretty turned on by them (especially the last one, a big muscular version of him), and I thought maybe she'd like to have a little fun with them.

So now we're ready to start collecting nominations for next month's featured woman. The way it works is simple. Anyone can nominate a female character, but only one per person. The only limitation is that she can't be someone I've drawn in the past year, though really I prefer nominees I've never drawn before. I will compile a list of everyone nominated in the sidebar of this blog, and on the first of September I'll randomly select one of them to do a picture of that month. You can nominate in the comments here, in the cBox to the right, or by email ( I look forward to seeing who all gets nominated this time!


  1. Chara ft. Frisk (Yuri Sex Only They)

  2. Hello I Want Nominate The Swap Version Of Demencia "Clemencia" From Heroics

    And One Things I Want To Know Which Of Your Comics Are Still In Progress And Deplano Are Canceled

    Teen Titans: Beast Of Her Dreams
    Sonic Boom: Love In Boom
    MLP: July 24th
    DBZ: Space Emperor Slut
    MLP: Celestia's Diary
    Crossover: Space Warped

    & My Fav...
    DBZ: Special Training

    1. Teen Titans: Beast Of Her Dreams - This comic is technically finished, as only two pages were purchased. However, the client has been discussing purchasing another three pages for a sequel/continuation.
      Sonic Boom: Love In Boom - This comic is purchased by an old client under a unique system, but it updates when he wants it to. Lately he's chosen to purchase other works (like the Jungle Book pics I've done) instead.
      MLP: July 24th - Currently this is the comic I'm planning to work on after wrapping up the "A Trip to the Past" pages I'm in the middle of right now.
      DBZ: Space Emperor Slut - This comic was not commissioned by any one, and is a lower priority. I have every intention of returning to it, but my focus is on commissioned comics right now.
      MLP: Celestia's Diary - I've started another entry for this, but keep putting it off. A combination of me being uncertain of my ability with the style combined with what seemed like a lack of interest from the first entry have made it hard for me to feel motivated on this one. I wouldn't call it canceled, though, I'm just waiting to feel invested in it again.
      Crossover: Space Warped - I'm just the colorist on this one. The artist, Malezor, ran into schedule issues with his own work, and other things kept getting in the way of it. He's recently gotten Lunaflame, the artist that drew Streaming With Boys, to pick up art duties on that comic until Malezor's schedule is lighter. I am currently waiting for the first pages of chapter one to come in, but I cannot speak to when that'll be. Hopefully soon.
      DBZ: Special Training - This is the exact same situation as Space Emperor Slut. Not-commissioned, low-priority. When other comics I've been paid to draw are out of the way I plan to get back to it.

  3. Amy Rose ft. Sonic & Tails (Sonic Boom)

  4. EG Demon Shimmer ft. The Dazzlings, Midnight Sparkle & Juniper Montage

  5. Jaina Fel Solo(Star Wars Legends)ft. her brothers Jacen and Anakin Solo

  6. Vambre ft. Prohyas (Mighty Magiswords)

  7. Agatha ParaNorman

  8. You already know who I'm going to nominate.

    Ed from Cowboy Bebop. Again.

  9. Oceana Louvier (Endless Ocean: Blue World)

  10. Clementine (The Walking Dead/Season 2 if she wins)

  11. Nojiko from One piece (namis sister)

  12. R.Mika (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

  13. Momo Yaoyorozu (Boku no hero academy)