Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ludibrio Chronicles - Liberum Commutatio 6

If you would like to see the original clip starring Alexa and Geizer that this is ripped from, you can find it here:

Tomorrow I'll be posting this month's NHML pic, but for now I'm posting the next page of Ludibrio Chronicles (I just barely finished the NHML last night, and I like to try and give Patreon sponsors at least a full day with a pic before I make it public).

In this page, Idcaeg finally gets to satisfy his taste for ass, first from Ngom's cock, then straight from the source. Aurum doesn't really seem to mind, but now it's Idcaeg's turn to ride that blue cock for a bit.


  1. Hello Very Soon I'll Have My First Pay At The End Of The Month, I Just Want To Know Costs Of An Individual Image, A One-Shot Style Comic Or The MnJ Or A Normal Comic Like The Trip To The Past...

    If They're LineArts, Full Color, Ocs Or Characters Bonus

    1. At this time I do not have commission slots available for sale. However, all of my pricing information is available in the sidebar of this blog, to the right. -->