Monday, July 31, 2017

Commission - Cell, Jr. and Gohan, Part 3

So the numbering on this series is a little screwy due to the previous entry, which wasn't so much part of the series as it was a "bonus page", but the third official entry is finally here and ready for public consumption. After blowing away his shirt, Cell, Jr. is prepared to do the same to Gohan's pants while the little Super Saiya-jin eagerly tastes that white and purple cock.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

CCC - Streaming with Boys 06

So here it is, the final page of Lunaflame's Streaming with Boys comic! I think this comic was a fun little romp. Even though I don't care much for Naruto or it's characters, Lunalame's style is cute enough that it didn't bother me any. Here soon he should be able to start doing art for Space Warped, which I will be coloring much like this, and I hope you all will enjoy that as well.

If you like Lunaflame's style and want to see more, you can find his work here: and here:

Saturday, July 29, 2017

MnJ - Ep. 4, "Babysit These Cocks"

So it's been a minute, but I recently got around to wrapping up the fourth episode of Mace 'n Jackie. This is our first look at Jackie's mom, Tia, who we'll be seeing more of eventually I'm sure. For those curious about Mace's mom, she appears in the next episode.

The star of this episode, however, is Mai Twinson. Mai's a cheerleader at Appblebridge High (Mace and Jackie attend Applebridge Junior High). She's a very popular babysitter around town, but she's got some strong convictions about sex and what she's willing to do. Mace and Jackie don't mind, of course, as they're very respectful of a woman's wishes about her body.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ludibrio Chronicles - Liberum Commutatio 5

If you would like to see the original clip starring Alexa and Geizer that this is ripped from, you can find it here:

I was going to post another SFM Compilation video I made a while back featuring Samus Aran, but... somehow I lost it? The video and all my work files are gone, and I can only assume I deleted them for space under the false assumption that I had the video uploaded to Google Drive already. It's not there, or on my computer, so I guess it's just gone. I may try and make another one featuring her some day, but I doubt I'll want to do it right away. If I make another SFM compilation (and I can't promise that I will), it'll probably be of someone else.

Instead I decided to post the next page of Ludibrio Chronicles Chapter One. On this page the fucking actually starts, with Aurum being spitroasted between Ngom and Idcaeg. Idcaeg has an insatiable hunger for ass, however, which will be explored a bit more in the next page.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

LoZ:BotW - Sidon and Link

I haven't spoken about it much here in these blog posts, but anyone who pays attention to the cBox or my Patreon knows I've been dealing with some personal issues lately. Everyone's been really great and supportive while I've been dealing with both the emotional and logistical problems that arise from losing someone you're dependent on. Two people that have been really helpful to me, though, are my close friends Anya and Noel. As you might have guessed, the recent pic I did of Anya and Salazzle was sort of a "thank you" for her continued friendship and support, and similarly this pic is meant for Noel. Some time ago she sent me a video out of the blue describing this picture of Prince Sidon and Link from Breath of the Wild, and I committed it to memory with the intent of some day bringing it to life. With both Anya's pic and this one, they were things I'd been wanting to draw for a while anyway, but under the circumstances (wanting to thank them, plus not feeling up to working on things like commissions) I moved them forward to now. These were both fun and relaxing to do, plus it's just nice to create something for someone you care about.

I'm really fond of Link's design in this game, and would like to draw more of him when I can. It's always a bit intimidating submitting art for something as popular as Breath of the Wild, though, as so many great artists have already put their stamp on the brand. Often times that's enough to scare me away from a subject, so we'll see if I ever get around to drawing him again.

Due to everything going on in my regular life, this week has been really difficult to find time to work on art stuff. I do plan to keep posting at least every other day here, but it may some stuff I have waiting in the rafters like an SFM compilation video or the next page of Ludibrio Chronicles. We'll see.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pokémon - Trainer Anya's Salazzle

So some of you may remember Pokémon Trainer Anya, the Pokéwhore based on my very good friend and awesome camgirl Anya Lykke ( She has the unique training strategy of fucking all her Pokémon, which I'm sure has won her tons of badges. I've drawn her previously with Mimikyu, and I got the itch to draw her again here recently. This time I paired her with Salazzle, partly because I know Anya has the hots for Salazzle (who doesn't?), and partly because I just don't think there's enough human on Pokémon yuri out there. I certainly would like to draw it more often than I do. Salazzle's also special between us because, while we were both playing Pokémon Moon, Anya spent way longer than she should have catching a female Salandit to give to me. It was an incredibly sweet gesture, and since Salazzle also just kind of reminds me of Anya in Pokémon form, that Salandit was named after her, and now that she's a Salazzle she's a permanent part of my party.

My Salazzle is a normal one, but Pokémon Trainer Anya here must've put in a lot of hours chaining S.O.S. battles, because she somehow scored a shiny one. I'm a little jealous.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

CCC - Streaming with Boys 05

Here is the next page of Lunaflame's comic, "Streaming with Boys"! In this page Trunks picks up Goten's sloppy seconds, really giving the audience at home the show they tuned in for. However, Konohamaru himself may not be ready for his second Super Saiya-jin fucking in a row.

If you like Lunaflame's style and want to see more, you can find his work here: and here:

Friday, July 21, 2017

NHML - Neferpitou

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for July is Neferpitou from Hunter × Hunter. I know there's some debate over this character's gender in the fandom, but since the design includes noticeable chest bumps and this is the Near Hentai Monthly Lady, I'll be referring to them as a female (also, as far as I can tell, the debate revolves around physical gender, not gender identity).

She's the second H×H character to be featured in NHML, and since Killua was paired with Canary for that pic, I decided to pair Pitou with Gon. I don't know what kind of relationship these two might've had in the series. Pitou seems to be a luitenant to the main villain of an arc or two, but then possibly switches sides? I have not done proper research here, but the scenes I saw of her seemed to suggest that.

This of course means now is the time to start collecting nominees for next month's featured lady. For anyone knew, the rules for NHML are pretty simple. For the rest of the month, anyone can nominate a female character (one per person) either here in the comments or in the cBox (I also accept email nominations, though nobody's ever done that). Nominees must be a character I have not drawn in at least a year, but preferably one I've never drawn. I will compile all the eligible nominees in the NHML portion of the sidebar on this blog, and then on the first day of August I will do a raffle and announce the randomly-selected winner in the cBox. Sometime during August, I will do a picture of that winner. The past few months have seen a lot of promising nominations, so I look forward to seeing how this month goes.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Commission - Yoshi vs. Bowser

This is the first of the commissions I sold in the "Fire Sale" to help raise funds for my friend Anya. I still have commissions from the list of Twenty that are unfinished, all of which had to be put off due to one reason or another on the client's side. I will happily fill each of those if and when those issues are resolved (and, in fact, am working on one right now).

For this pic, the client sent me a screencap of one of Ultimate Surrender's gay videos and asked me to recreate it with Bowser and Yoshi. This is the end result. I was excited to try this one out, as I've been thinking about doing a Yoshi pic for a long time, and I always like the idea of Bowser on top. Hopefully y'all can enjoy this pic, too, though I imagine it's not for everybody.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SB - Maleficent BGM

So here's the last of the three pics I had 100% complete for my scrapped "Bad Girls Month" project. Maleficent is a character I came to appreciate a lot more as an adult than I did when I was younger, and the chance to draw her was a big selling point for me when it came to the BGM concept. As it is I hope to draw more of her some day, probably with Princess Aurora again as well. I've enjoyed these two as a pair long before the live action film did it, and the odds are good that anything more I do with them will be in a similar vein to this.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Commission - Shaman King Exploits #1

This is another commission bought through my Epic Level tier over on Patreon. You may notice the "#1" at the end of the title, and that's because the client who bought this is planning to buy seven more pictures focused on Shaman King. I don't know what any of the future ones will have beyond that, but I can assume that they will all likely include yaoi, shota, and furries/bestiality (as this client has purchased only pictures with those themes thus far). So if you're into those things and like Shaman King, then look forward to them!

This picture features a young Yoh Asakura and Matamune, a manga-only character who helped train Yoh. Since I only read the first few volumes of the manga, and mostly know the series through the anime, I don't know too much about Matamune. In this pic, the client wanted to show Matamune teaching Yoh about sex in order to help him with his future relationship with Anna.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

WOY - Lord Dominator BGM

So this is the second of three pics I had 100% finished for my cancelled "Bad Girls Month" project, which I explain in detail in this post. This entry features Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder, a pic I finished earlier this year on my sister's birthday. I made a point of finishing it then since it was part of my birthday present to her. She really loved Dominator, and had been pushing me to do a pic of her for a while.

My first instinct is to have Dominator be more, well... dominant, and if she was paired with someone like Wander or Hater I would totally go that route. However, I also liked the idea that Dominator might, from time to time, choose to give up control and just get fucked hardcore by some beefy alien studs. Maybe the change of pace thrills her, though to keep it a secret she probably has them executed or something afterwards. It's fun while it lasts, though, and it provides an opportunity to see a different side of the sociopathic universe crusher here in this pic.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Commission - Gotham Academy Tentacles 2

This commission was a reward for my Epic Level tier over on Patreon, and is a follow-up to the same client's reward from last month. Where that one teased what was about to happen, this one dives in full blast to the tentacle rape. I haven't drawn tentacles too many times, but I think I'm getting better with them. Hopefully you all are enjoying this series, and this entry to the series in particular. ^_^ There is at least one more installment planned for next month, and after that I do not know for certain what this Patron will choose to do.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Character Asks - Jackie Coy 1

So this is a new thing I tried out on Patreon this month. I let all my Patrons asks questions to my characters (either original characters, or my versions of established characters), and I picked one to have the characters themselves answer. The purpose of this was 1) to gauge people's interest in doing these Character Asks and 2) to see how much time and energy it would take me to actually make them.

As a result I'm now offering Character Asks as a reward at the $7 level and up. Patrons can ask questions each month, and I will answer as many as I can (part of why it's so cheap is that I cannot guarantee an answer for everyone every month, though I'll do what I can). The questions will be directed, like this one was, to the character specifically, and I will use these as a chance to expand on the characterization for both my OCs and my versions of popular characters that show up here on Near Hentai.

With this one, I thought it would be a good opportunity to set-up the possibility for eventual yaoi material between Mace and Jackie. Their focus is always going to be on straight shota, but since there's been interest I wouldn't mind letting them have a go at each other some day. They're not quiet their just yet, but it seems Mace at least is interested in the idea. It's possible he just hadn't considered the possibility before because they always have so much pussy available to them. ^_^;;

Thursday, July 13, 2017

CB - Shreeky BGM

So, over a year ago I started a project I called "Bad Girls Month", or BGM for short. The idea was that I would prepare around thirty pictures featuring villainous women (ranging from supervillains to high school bullies, or really just any antagonist). Once they were all done I would post one every day of a given month as a special feature. However, I no longer feel like this is an idea worth pursuing. For one, I now have a lot of monthly features I would have to skip in order to do a whole month dedicated to this gimmick. Additionally, it just wouldn't be fair to my yaoi followers, as they would have nothing that whole time unless they followed me on Patreon. Instead, I'm going to release the ones I finished, finish the ones I started, and just post them normally interspersed with the regular stuff as I finish it.

I'm going to post them in the order that they were originally intended (Shreeky was going to be posted on the fourth of the month). Many of you may not know or remember Shreeky, but she was the niece of No Heart, the chief antagonist of the Care Bears cartoon. She was a brat who would shriek whenever she didn't get what she wanted, but I think there's something kinda cute about her weird design. I may be the only one, but I definitely wouldn't be opposed to doing more with her in the future.

This picture in particular was wrapped up in February of 2016 (I remember because I was on a trip when I finished it), although the initial drawing was done a few months earlier. It was the first picture I finished for this project, and I hope it hasn't aged too poorly since then.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Commission - A Trip to the Past 05

As promised, now that Sleepover Raid is wrapped up, I'm going to focus on A Trip to the Past for a stretch. Malezor, the client who commissioned this comic, is planning to buy around three-to-four pages after this one. I'm guessing that will probably wrap this comic up as well, though I don't know what those pages will hold (except page six, which I'm working on now).

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ludibrio Chronicles - Liberum Commutatio 4

If you would like to see the original clip starring Alexa and Geizer that this is ripped from, you can find it here:

Here is the fourth page of the first chapter of the Ludibrio Chronicles. If you would like a full explanation as to what this project is, I recommend checking out the description accompanying the first few pages. On this page Aurum and Idcaeg continue to earn their freedom through the unwritten law of Liberum Commutatio. I don't have too much to add for this one, other than saying this first chapter is lighter on plot in general than most of the Ludibrio chapters will be.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Commission - Cell, Jr. and Gohan, Bonus Page

So there's a bit of a funny story with this one. This was a commission bought last month through the Epic Tier on my Patreon as part of the ongoing Cell, Jr. and Gohan series. The client, however, was unable to get me the instructions for this entry until the very end of the month (these things happen). Despite my assurances that he could still get whatever he wanted, he felt it best to insist on something simple to make up for the lost time, and asked for Cell, Jr. giving the double peace sign ahegao look. I was able to talk him into adding Gohan's head to make it a bit more explicit, and added SFX sounds after it was suggested on Patreon, but it's still one of the tamer pics I've done. I think it's cute, at least, and hopefully some of you will still enjoy it.

There's more of this series to come, however, and hopefully the next entry will be something a bit more hardcore. ;)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Commission - Lil' Slutter

This is a commission I recently finished featuring the murderous Lil' Slugger from Paranoia Agent. I watched PA in high school and enjoyed it at the time, but I never really found Lil' Slugger to be all that attractive. I still don't see the appeal, but the client who bought this seemed pretty high on him and may buy more. So, if anyone likes this character and/or this pic, that might be good news. ;)

Friday, July 7, 2017

Commission - Jupiter Cumming

This is one of my Epic Tier Patreon rewards for July. The client wanted to see Sammy/Shingo Tsukino paired up with one of the Sailor Scouts (except Moon, Uranus or Neptune), and I decided to go with Jupiter of the remaining options. Sailor Moon is always a franchise I would've thought I'd drawn more of by now, but for some reason it's never in the forefront of my mind when coming up with new concepts.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

CCC - Streaming with Boys 04

Here is the next page of Lunaflame's comic, "Streaming with Boys"! In this page Goten give Konohamaru the full brunt of his Super Saiya-jin fucking, and the viewers at home are hungry for more.

If you like Lunaflame's style and want to see more, you can find his work here: and here:

This weekend I am going to be hanging out with the Pixel Vixens at a convention in Chicago, so I won't be able to produce much new content. I do have a few pics that are currently up on Patreon which I will try and post here while I'm gone. I'm not anticipating any long stretches with no updates. :)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Patreon - June '17 One-Shot

This is the one-shot comic I did over on Patreon last month, which finished exactly one month ago today. The winning selection for June was Naruto being toyed with by two of his clones, as you can see here. I have a weird history with Naruto that I won't get into here right now, which made this one especially difficult for me. I got it done, however, and while I hate it, I hope those of you who like Naruto can enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Patreon - One Night In Azarath 09

Here's the ninth page of One Night in Azarath, which completed on Patreon one month ago today. This page was fun because a lot of the direction was left up to me. The only specification was that Arella had to give Beast Boy a footjob while Raven simultaneously performed a blowjob. Hope y'all enjoy!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

GSM - Reiko and Emi Competition

So this is a simple little picture that I started early in June. Working on the NHML picture last month reminded me that I had wanted to do more Ghost Sweeper Mikami pics, and ultimately I started on something with Reiko and her rival Emi. Emi Ogasawara is a voodoo priestess who is a business rival of Reiko's ghost sweeping business, though I don't know too much about their relationship as my copy of the show is untranslated from Japanese. As best I can tell they're mostly allies but get competitive, and I thought it'd be cute to see them angrily sucking on each other's tits (since GSM is one of those shows where it's abnormal for a girl to have normal-to-small breasts). I didn't get around to finishing it until just recently, though, so here it is.

I mentioned on Patreon that I would like to draw Emi again. When she's doing her voodoo magic she paints herself with these red stripes that I think are pretty sexy, so maybe some day I can draw that version of her.

There probably won't be a post tomorrow, but on the fourth and fifth I'll be making public last month's Patreon comics.