Monday, June 19, 2017

Commission - Spell of the Unown

This was a commission done for one of my Epic Tier Patrons over at Patreon. Due to the relative complexity of this piece, this one ended up taking up a lot of my time these past couple weeks. Hopefully the final result is worth it, and y'all can enjoy some Pokémon on Pokémon on human on Pokémon on Pokémon on Pokémon action. ;)


  1. Absolutely, Love this pic! Could you do more Pokemon Movie pics where Ash gets fuck by the male Pokemon?

    1. I am the comissioner of this picture. And yeah, it is planned ^^. Notably, Mewtwo x Ash, Lucario x Ash, and another one with a Lugia cub. But not based on the second movie, rather on an anime episode.

    2. maybe do Pokémon 2000 with Lugia x Ash in a scene

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    4. Sadly, size difference too big for me, xp. For an adult Lugia x Ash.

  2. Pretty hot! Reminds me of a pic I once saw where Molly commanded Entei and the Unknowns to fuck Ash, Delia and Pikachu.

    Also, I'm glad to hear there's more to come! I love to see Ash getting fucked up the ass like the little whore (s)he is!

    1. Indeed xp. I admit, this Moly picture you speak of, is the one who inspirited me this picture ^^.

      Here's the context :

      The fight against Charizard reached his climax for Entei. Even if the Crystal Emperor did has the upper hand- or paw, he couldn't help himself but feel that it was realized that the victory wasn't assured. Even Entei may have unlimited stamina due to not being a physical being per se, the clocks was still ticking.

      Molly, felt it. And inwardly wished for Entei to get more power. The think is, Molly underestimated the power of her wish, and the Unowns quickly started to feel confused by so much psychic energy. That they lost the control

      Crystal spikes started to pop out from nowhere, and the little girl felt herslef losing some consciousness. The fight interrupted by the new chaotic environment, Misty, Broke, TR and Delia decided to retire to a safer place, along Molly. While Entei felt new power overflowing in him thanks to the new behaviour of the Unowns and Molly's last wish.

      He planned to make the most of this second wind to finish this fight quickly and fix the situation, and Charizard was up for this. While Ash and Pikachu stayed for extra support. The second round was about to start... until that the Legendary started to feel weird. Little by little the new energy granted by the Unowns bought him on a state of overheat. Unable to focus much.

      And Charizard just noticed it, noticed the familiar behaviour of a female in heat. Without any other choices, Entei explained the situation to the concerned Ash. As precocious as the human is, thanks to previous experience with pokemons, he hadn't much issue with the explanation of Entei about the way to fix this situation.

      At Charizard's pleasure. The fight against Entei has been quick exciting, and he needed to use this excitement. And take some sort of revenge. So, when the Crystal Emperor accepted Ash's help, the Dragon pokemon didn't wait to show Entei who is the alpha daddy here.

      And as Pikachu wished to help too, the Unowns decided to grand it this... albeit in a way the Rodant didn't expected. Especially when being manhandled by telekinesis, a new nice masturbating experience doe our protagonists.

      Ps ; charizard is like "That's it, moan for me bitch." and Entei is like roaring, albeit a majestic one.