Thursday, February 9, 2017

Commission - Sleepover Raid 08

I apologize that this has taken so long. I had a system that was working, I think, where I balanced several comic pages and released them around the same time. I ended up dropping that, since the extra work from Patreon threw it off and it was no longer working. Now I'm going back to doing one page at a time, but I'm going to try focusing on one comic at a time. That means, instead of doing one page for SR, then one page for ATTTP, etc... I'm gonna just focus on SR for a bit. There are two more pages left for this comic, so I'm going to focus on finishing them, and then I'll move on to another ongoing comic and focus on getting a few pages of it done. This means the other comics will get ignored for a while, but when I get to them there should be multiple pages for a while before moving on. We'll see how this works.

In this page, the girls direct traffic and take advantage of a surprised and overwhelmed Helen. Penny decides to record the events for posterity, while Violet get the chance to live out one of her fantasies.


  1. What About The Comic Of Special Trainig And Frizar x Goku

  2. 12 panels equating to 3 Patreon pages. Woof no wonder if took you this long. Yeah, I say stick to finishing this comic so u can finally get one over and done with.

  3. Ohhh i love your artwork so very much every piece drawn by you is amazing. My fav comic is with freeza and goku. I Will wait patiently knowing you dont quit on it!!

  4. Any idea when the next page will be done? We've been hanging on the cliff for a while now. I wouldn't mind seeing Penny getting some action from the boys.

    1. No idea, sorry. These pages are slow progress.