Sunday, January 8, 2017

Patreon - December '16 One-Shot

So here's the one-shot page posted one month ago today on my Patreon. The content was created and selected by my Patreon supporters. We've kept with the Dragon Ball Z theme from the previous months, but now instead of pairing Goten and Trunks with their respective mothers, we instead got a young Gohan with Bulma during their trip to Namek. I had a lot of fun with this page, and I hope you guys enjoy it.


  1. When does dbz special training come ?

  2. It's probably going to be a couple of months.

  3. Great job near! This is fantastic! Do more like this!

  4. Is not request but guys, do you remember this girl with DBZ episodes? XD

    1. She is from filler(I think) episodes in the 10 days break before the Cell games. Where Gohan meets with a village preparing for Cell and there's Mercenary Tao and whatnot. Her name is Lime.