Monday, December 26, 2016

MnJ - Ep. 1, "Double Swirl for the Ice Cream Girl"

So this is something I started way back in the spring. I had this idea for a project featuring two boys going around fucking a variety of different older women. The format I went with here is inspired by the artist Aporon, who I can probably attribute the inspiration for this idea to. Since I wanted some freedom with this idea, I decided to go with original characters instead of someone more familiar (though it's not like Trunks, Goten, or any of the other shotas I draw will be going anywhere). Thus, Mace 'n Jackie were born.

In this first entry, Mace Mezzenga (the pink-haired one) and Jackie Coy (the white-haired one) buy a custom order from the driver of an ice cream truck in town. Debra Seema, who drives the truck to help pay her way through college, is all to happy to accommodate the boys for some extra cash.

I don't plan to do entries in this series all the time, but if you guys like these two I do have lots of ideas for them. I've already started Episode 2, and I have plans already for Episodes 3-6 as well. How much of these boys we see around here will depend a large part on your guys' reaction to them. They may not all be Episodes (pages like this one), which take some time to finish... I wouldn't mind doing regular images or a more traditional multi-page comic with them, should the right idea come along.


  1. Well regardless if people start to get tired of seeing Goten and Trunks, I'd still like to see more of these two boys. Maybe have a girl lick their asses or go double anal on a girl some time? That would be hot.

  2. This is good ^.^ I'd like to see more C: