Thursday, December 29, 2016

Commission - Glory Hole Buddy

Here's another commission, this one brought to us by the same person who nominated Buddy for the Near Hentai Monthly Lady a while back. Now we get to see Buddy return to service a glory hole, a task she appears to have mixed feelings about. While doing the lineart for this I produced two versions, one with and one without her poncho. The client chose the poncho version for me to color. In addition to the poncho (and, of course, the colors), the other main differences is some expression changes the client asked for. You can see the original expression I used in the lineart version.

You will see Buddy return at least one more time here on this site, as this same individual has also purchased a commission for her on the list of Twenty. She won't be showing up from that for a while, though, as there are a good number of commissions still ahead of her.

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  1. Hey Near Brother Why Not Do The Debut Of Zamasu & Black In A Comic Or Picture