Saturday, December 24, 2016

2 Boys Ride a Harley - Page 4

So here's a little Christmas present for those of you who've been asking me about this comic: Page four of Everfire's "2 Boys Ride a Harley" comic. After months of not hearing from him, Everfire contacted me out of the blue earlier with new lineart. So we're back in business, though I can't say at this time how frequently new pages will be coming out. It'll depend a lot on my schedule regarding other unrelated factors.

Anyway, I have another post lined up, but I'm going to wait until Monday to share it here. I don't want to make a post on Christmas day, since I know most people won't have time for things like checking this little blog for content. Patreon supporters already know what it is, but I'm excited to share it Monday and find out what y'all think. I'll see you guys then, and happy holidays.

P.S. - Check the post below this one if you're interested in getting a super cheap one-character commission from me. Limited time offer.


  1. I love how you draw the Joker! Evil.

    1. Thanks! But it's Everfire who drew this, I only provided the colors. ^_^

    2. My bad. Hell of a job!

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  2. I actually contacted him on his Patreon about you because you told me he stopped sending you the pictures, and he said he lost contact with you after a certain site got wasted. Thanks for coloring it! This is my favorite thing ever ;-; Your so good at coloring and shading!