Monday, November 7, 2016

Patreon - One Night In Azarath 01

So a couple months ago, I started running polls on Patreon to start up a new comic (replacing the commission raffles I used to do). Patrons were able to vote on the show they wanted, kinks and fetishes, and finally which characters, before we crowd-sourced ideas for how to bring those elements together. The final result was One Night in Azarath, a comic about Beast Boy sneaking into Raven and Arella's room during a visit to the newly-restored Azarath. Each page is written by Patrons nominating and voting on ideas, and there will be a new page each month. In addition to getting to write the comic, Patrons also got to see this page come to life with each newly-finished panel, and also had access to the final page a month before it became publicly accessible here (Patreon's version of the page is also larger). For both this and the one-shot comic pages (the first of which goes public tomorrow), these rewards are available to all my Patrons, regardless of how much money they donate. I think it's a hell of a good deal.


  1. Beast Boy and Raven are best ship. :P I look forward to more of it because I've got a lot of dirty ideas for this Comic...

  2. [Ray] Great Near! This will be a hot and amazing story! I love Beastboy!!

  3. This masterpiece will be super comic.