Friday, November 4, 2016

Near Pokédex F002 - Ivysaur

I'm attending a convention this weekend, so I wanted to have a post made up before I leave town. This was the closest thing to being done, so here it is! A return to NPF, which hasn't been updated since August. Since I'll be at a con, there won't be any new posts over the weekend, but on Monday and Tuesday I'll be posting the Patreon comic pages from October publicly for the first time. Speaking of which, if you want to see this month's pages, they're both about half done and available to any and all Patreon supporters.

I wasn't sure about Ivysaur when I started this, but I'm actually pretty happy with how she turned out. Doing the next stage of this line might be a bit tricky when the time comes, but for now she's still pretty cute, I think! I hope you guys like her, too.


  1. Amazing work on Ivysaur, Near! I love the blowjob (few dex entries had blowjob) and the anon guy ass too!

  2. Loving the ass of the trainer.

  3. I adore her. But you knew that.