Sunday, November 27, 2016

MomSwap - Bra and Bulma Briefs

I mentioned before that I had three Dragon Ball pairings lined up for MomSwap. I already did Pan and Videl, and now here's the second pairing, Bra and Bulma. Of all the makeovers the Dragon Ball women got in GT, I think Bulma's is one of the few I really like. Chi-Chi and Videl both turned out less interesting than they were in Z, and 18 was so-so, but Bulma's GT design was pretty sexy in my book.

I went back and forth on which names to use here. If I was going for accuracy, I would've gone with "Bulla and Bulma Brief". However, I can't seem to shake the names I'm most familiar with, and so I stuck with the versions that are familiar to me. I'm not a purist.


  1. [Ray] Bulma will got a really fun with Goten and Trunks! Anxious for this pic!!

  2. Chi-Chi and Bra always wore the most revealing clothes as kids. Ironically I dont even think Bra wore her namesake lol

  3. I assume the third pairing will be GT Android 18 and Marron?