Monday, November 21, 2016

Commission - Head to Head

This is the first of The Twenty (I like how cryptic that sounds). The client wanted a nice shot of both Gon and Killua getting fucked on a table, and that's exactly what they got! I hope all you Hunter × Hunter yaoi fans like this one. These two are starting to become regulars around here.

More updates are coming soon, I have the next few days lined up. Hopefully we can make Thanksgiving week a busy one here at Near Hentai. :)


  1. Ah man, if only I could get you to animate this. It would be awesome. Actually, all your stuff animated would be awesome. Just add some sounds and ouila! Instant gold. Good image!

  2. Please continue the A Trip To The Pst series

    1. It never stopped; I just update slowly. If you'll look to the preview box on the right-hand side of the blog, you'll even see a panel of it there.

  3. Your Gon and Killua always looked great but they keep getting better each time. This is awesome Near!

  4. Have you ever thought of doing Nate Adams & Eddie Archer from Yo-Kai Watch?

  5. [Ray] I love Gon, so cute!! I thought he was fucking Killua T_T

  6. There is but one important thing Near... they both have abs xD (go watch HxH!)