Sunday, October 2, 2016

TT - Titans Tower Nights 02

Finally we get the second page of Titans Tower Nights. Beast Boy sees that Raven beat him to the punch, so to speak, and a smug Raven can't help but rub it in his face a little. Beast Boy's jealous of what he sees, but which one is he jealous of?

This wraps up the comic updates for this batch. I'm working on the next batch already, but it'll be a while as the upcoming pages for some of those comics are going to be a bit complicated. However, the final pages should be good. I've also begun working on my new Patreon rewards, the first page of an ongoing comic as well as a standalone one-page comic, both of which were voted on by my supporters. Unlike the other pictures I post there, those two comics are available to all Patreon levels, and the same goes for voting on what will turn up in November. So even if you're not in the best place financially, $1 a month can get you access to those pages one month early, as well as the right to nominate ideas and vote on what I'll be drawing in the future.


  1. [Ray] I'm trying to deal with that "feminine" Beast Boy hehehe! He's another character I think so cute, of course as a Boy! But, I'm curious what about come next! Great work again Near!!!

  2. Is Beast Boy going to be the slut getting fucked by cyborg? Sounds hot!

    1. Cyborg AND Raven. Twice is nice.

  3. Hopefully beastboy decides to punish raven
    placing behind raven and start pleasuring her

  4. I'm not usually into yaoi, but this comic is making me horny.
    Beast Boy has that innocent character thing about him that makes me hard. nice work.

  5. I need the next page