Friday, October 21, 2016

Tentacles Ahoy! - Anya Lykke as Artemis

So not too long ago I posted a pic of my good friend Noel Cypress being molested by tentacles. I mentioned then that I wanted to do more pics of the models of Pixel Vixens in similar situations, and here one is! This is another great friend of mine, Anya Lykke, featured in her wonderful cosplay of Artemis from Sailor Moon. Anya's a beautiful (obviously) and talented model with a store you guys should check out, all the info is in the link to her Twitter I just posted. She's very creative, and offers a good variety of content (plus other great offers). I've grown quite attached to her over the past couple months, which is why I wanted to do her next in this series.

I'm not planning to do another TA! pic immediately, as I have too much else on my plate right now. However, I do plan to get back to this before too long, so probably there will be another PV model showing up here sometime in November.

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