Monday, October 10, 2016

NHML - Vados

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for October is Vados from Dragon Ball Super. I was pretty excited when she won, because I've been meaning to draw her ever since she first appeared in the show. Both her and her brother Whis are sexy as fuck, and I'd love to feature them more on the site. I have quite a few ideas for both of them, but we'll see what I actually get around to drawing.

In this case, I went with a suggestion made by the guy who nominated her in the first place. Cabba here doesn't have much interaction with Vados that I can recall, but since she put together Champa's team for the tournament I thought there'd be some potential there. Cabba himself is pretty cute, I'd like to draw him with Vegeta one of these days.

Anyway, now that this pic is up that means you guys have the rest of the month to nominate who you'd like to see as the featured lady in November. For those who are new, you can nominate in the comments, the cBox, or even by emailing me if you must, but please only nominate one lady. She has to be someone I either haven't drawn at all, or haven't drawn in a very long time (like, a few years). On the first of November I'll do a little raffle, and the winning lady will get a pic of her own sometime during the months.


  1. Jaina Solo from the Legends Universe of Star Wars

  2. Who's Next Son Goku Fucks Wiss

    I Think I Want See That

  3. She is cute, I gotta agree.
    Kinda disappointed it's not a vaginal picture, I don't really enjoy straight anal.
    But different strokes and stuff.

    I'll nominate the same character as last month.
    The Runaway Girl/Anne from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    I'll nominate her until she either wins the raffle or until I die.

  4. Do a Vegito x Vados hentai picture with Vegito in supersaiyan blue form

  5. Do a Vegito x Vados hentai picture with Vegito in supersaiyan blue form

  6. great pic!
    hit x vados,future mai x future trunks
    or black goku x future bulma

  7. I want more cabba he is so cute please moreee cabba

  8. Awesome picture. Whose the fat cat? .-.

    1. Lord Champa. He's mentioned in the pic, but he's the God of Destruction from an alternate universe. Vados is simultaneously his keeper/master and also kind of like a magic butler. In DBS he organizes a team of fighters to take on the team from the show's main universe, with Goku and Vegeta and such. Cabba's the Saiya-jin member of that team.