Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Near Pokédex M428 - Lopunny

I don't know why, but for some reason I just haven't been feeling the Near Pokédex these past few weeks. That changed recently, and I finally got around to finishing this Lopunny I started back in August. I always really liked Lopunnies in the game, and I decided it'd be a cute one for the NPM.

A friend of mine recently proposed the idea of a commission with two specific anthro Pokémon. While the commission itself is probably still a long ways away, I thought in the meantime I would do Pokédex entries for the two Pokémon she's wanting to use in said commission. So, the next couple Pokédex entries will both be for the NPM, so I can work out how I want their designs to look.


  1. Hey near I love ur work I have a girl to nominated for lady of November mine is camula from yugioh gx if you know who she is if not look her up on Google for idea what she looks like also keep up the great work

  2. lol dat face be fucked

    1. Well, that's what a Lopunny's face looks like at that angle, so...