Saturday, October 15, 2016

Commission - Trapped in an Elevator

So here's the first of a few commissions I accepted recently, featuring Cody and Yolei of Digimon passing some time in a stuck elevator. This was a pretty simple one for the most part, though I did my best to do something with perspective on this one.

Two of the three other commissions I accepted were comic pages, so it might be some time before they pop up here. This probably also means slowed production for a bit, though I will do my best to still get some pics up while I'm working on them.


  1. Love in an elevator, living it up when I'm going down.

  2. Two great Yolei pictures in a month?
    At the begninning of this month she was one of the overlooked girls of Digimon, whom I didn't care about, now she's probably my favourite. Thanks for that.

    1. There will probably be more of her in the future.

    2. *wipes pearls of sweat from forehead*
      Ho boy.
      I'm not excited, what're you talking about?

    3. At last shes not overrated like Renamon