Monday, October 24, 2016

Commission - Beast of Her Dreams 01

So this is a small commissioned comic I accepted recently. It may not be the best idea to pick up new comics right now, even short ones, but I need the money. :P This comic will only be two pages, like Majin Delights was, but unlike that comic I'm not putting any of the others on hold to work on it. I did this page as part of my most recent commission slot opening, and I'll do the next one whenever I open them again.

The premise of this one is that Raven is in her mindscape area from the episode "Nevermore". While trying to get off, her subconscious summons something to help her out a little. ;)

Between this, Titans Tower Nights, and a new Patreon comic y'all will be introduced to next month, I'm currently doing three Beast Boy/Raven comics. I'm actually getting pretty sick of drawing them already, and I haven't even drawn B.B. in her pussy/ass yet. :\

Anyway, I hope you guys like this page. The next page will feature more sex, and will be the totality of the comic. Enjoy!


  1. Ha, sorry about throwing all the BB/Rae stuff at you but I just love them as a couple and wanted to see you draw them. Thanks for drawing this and I look forward to seeing how the other comics go as well.

  2. [Ray] That's really amazing Near! I love beastboy, I was sad that he on TTN is as "beastgirl", but this is so good! Awesome work! My new favorite comic S2

  3. its beautiful

    I love that couple good job

    a question

    beast boy use his powers to make your penis bigger to please raven?

    1. Are you asking if he made his penis bigger in this page, or are you asking if he's going to do it in the next page?

    2. [Ray] Oh! Spoiler...hehe!! Just he transforms into a Kong or a big dog!! But, he is perfect in his human form!!!