Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

For the past two years, I've done little pictures featuring some of my original Halloween-themed characters. I really enjoy coming up with new characters every year, and I'd like to try and do some more OC stuff here and there. I know you guys don't always like when I stray from characters you already know, but I enjoy it. This year my good friend Anya Lykke helped me come up with the new character.

For those who haven't met these characters yet, let me do a little explaining. Starting on the far right, the grey girl with the orange hair. Her name is Lillian L'Orange, and she's an old, old character of mine. I first drew her back in high school for a Halloween pic on my DeviantArt, and when I started up this blog I decided to bring her back. She's sort of a spirit of Halloween, a cute little hellspawn who embodies the fun and mischief of the holiday. She freakin' loves candy.

Next is the girl with Lillian's fingers in her pussy, the cute witch Adeline Fortuna. She was created for the 2014 Halloween pic. Adeline's your typical witch, flying around on a broomstick and casting spells on people. She enjoys harmless pranks, but is also known to let her emotions get the best of her. When she sees someone who's down on their luck, she can't help but cast a good luck charm on them. Every now and then she spies a particularly lonely person and cheers them up with a nice blowjob or some cunnilingus, depending on the lucky soul's anatomy. ;)

The third girl, lying on her back, is Sophia Huesos. If Lillian is the incarnation of Halloween, then Sophia is the incarnation of Día de los Muertos. She likes to come out and play a few days early after befriending Lillian and Adeline in last year's pic. She loves parties and parades, and is real big on decorating and such. She doesn't always approve of Lillian's mischievous ways, and will try to reign her in if her pranks get too mean-spirited.

Finally, the new girl is Kamas Hat-hor-het-aei. In ancient Egypt she was a respected ruler, until a mishap with some dark magic turned her part cat. She was still honored on her death and mummified, but the same magic that transformed her brought her to life anew as a powerful mummy. Lost and confused, she was found by Adeline, who happily brought her into the fold with Lillian and Sophia. She has a lot to catch up on in this new modern world, but at least she has some friends to show her the way. First, the four of them are celebrating Halloween in the best way possible, with a lesbian orgy.

I still plan to introduce a new character next year, though I don't know if I want to do another pic with all of them in it. Five characters will be a lot, especially with the amount of detail Sophia and Kamas both require. I might try doing a series of solo pics, or pairing them up... I'll have to wait and see how I feel next year. In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy this picture and all have a safe and fun Halloween.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Commission - Chi-Chi x Trunks 2

This commission is a follow-up to the last Chi-Chi x Trunks comic page I posted. I mentioned at the time that the client who commissioned that piece was interested in buying more, and that's exactly what he did. I don't think there's a real narrative or anything to these pics, but there's more of Trunks fucking Chi-Chi, and I think some of you may enjoy that. If you do, then I have good news, as this client seems prepared to buy more pages along these lines in the future. So this may not be the last post like this.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my annual Halloween pic to coincide with the holiday. It'll be another yuri pic, but to my yaoi fans I do have something ready to go up on the first. After that things might slow down a bit on here as I focus on Patreon rewards, but I'll do my best to post stuff here as well.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

TT - You Can Do Better Than That

Starfire puts on a little show for her big sister.

I've been wanting to do a pose like this for a long time. I've seen it done before, but I wanted to do a pic where the viewer looks between a woman's thighs to see a spectator enjoying a show. I've almost done it a couple times before now... the Daphne-Snack pic started life as something similar to this, but plans changed or what-have-you. With all the Beast Boy/Raven stuff I've been doing lately, I was kinda itching to do something with Starfire. When I hit upon the idea of using this scenario with the 'fire sisters, I liked it too much to not do it.

I kinda really like this interpretation of their relationship, too. Starfire's not really a pushover or anything, but I could see her willingly taking on a submissive role for her beloved sister (either before Blackfire got really evil, or maybe later after all is forgiven). Either way, Blackfire's a natural domme, and I'm sure she would relish the opportunity to exert control over her little sister, and humiliate her every step of the way while she's at it. I may revisit this theme for these two.

Friday, October 28, 2016

MomSwap - Tomoko and Mrs. Kuroki

For the next MomSwap I decided to go with something a bit less mainstream. WataMote (also known by the more cumbersome title of "Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!", or "No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!") isn't exactly an obscure anime, but I think it's probably less well-known than the other franchises I've featured in this series so far. The show focuses on Tomoko Kuroki, the daughter in this pic, who is a neurotic otaku with zero social skills. She's an easy character to relate to.

Her mother doesn't play a huge role in the series, so she never got a first name to my knowledge. However, I always thought she had a real cute MILFy design, and I wanted to do a pic of the two of them long before I ever thought up the MomSwap app concept. I'd like to do more WataMote pics in the future, sort of like what I was doing with Squid Girl. I had a lot of ideas while watching the show, though those of you who've seen it will know it has plenty of ecchi material already. While it doesn't get too graphic, there's scenes of Tomoko peaking at other girls' panties, contemplating groping/molesting her busy best friend, and she even makes a beautiful ahegao face in the ending credits.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Arthur - Arthur's Mom

So, after my pic of Buster recording his mom getting her ass filled with his cum went over so well, I decided to go ahead and do Arthur with his mom a bit earlier than I'd originally planned. For such a wholesome show, the MILFs of Arthur are really great, and I would love to draw more of them in the future. After all, it's not like Goten and Trunks have to be the only pair of motherfucking best friends, am I right?

November's coming up right around the bend. If you don't already support me on Patreon, time is running out for you to get in on voting for the special Patreon-sponsored comic pages I'll be doing around the start of the month. I'm doing two pages a month over there, which you'll get to see here on the blog exactly one month after they get finished on Patreon. One is an on-going Teen Titans comic, while the other is a different one-page comic each month. Any level of supporter gets to vote on/view these pages, even the $1 per month ones. Just a reminder.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Near Pokédex M470 - Leafeon

So this is the second of the two NPM entries I mentioned I was gonna do. Nothing's official yet, but both this design and my Umbreon will hopefully be appearing in a commission at some point in the future. In the meantime, I hope you guys like this dainty little dude. I think he turned out pretty cute myself.

Not sure when the next Pokédex entry will be released, but I can say that it'll be a return to the female entries. NPF has been neglected for a long time.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Commission - Beast of Her Dreams 01

So this is a small commissioned comic I accepted recently. It may not be the best idea to pick up new comics right now, even short ones, but I need the money. :P This comic will only be two pages, like Majin Delights was, but unlike that comic I'm not putting any of the others on hold to work on it. I did this page as part of my most recent commission slot opening, and I'll do the next one whenever I open them again.

The premise of this one is that Raven is in her mindscape area from the episode "Nevermore". While trying to get off, her subconscious summons something to help her out a little. ;)

Between this, Titans Tower Nights, and a new Patreon comic y'all will be introduced to next month, I'm currently doing three Beast Boy/Raven comics. I'm actually getting pretty sick of drawing them already, and I haven't even drawn B.B. in her pussy/ass yet. :\

Anyway, I hope you guys like this page. The next page will feature more sex, and will be the totality of the comic. Enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Tentacles Ahoy! - Anya Lykke as Artemis

So not too long ago I posted a pic of my good friend Noel Cypress being molested by tentacles. I mentioned then that I wanted to do more pics of the models of Pixel Vixens in similar situations, and here one is! This is another great friend of mine, Anya Lykke, featured in her wonderful cosplay of Artemis from Sailor Moon. Anya's a beautiful (obviously) and talented model with a store you guys should check out, all the info is in the link to her Twitter I just posted. She's very creative, and offers a good variety of content (plus other great offers). I've grown quite attached to her over the past couple months, which is why I wanted to do her next in this series.

I'm not planning to do another TA! pic immediately, as I have too much else on my plate right now. However, I do plan to get back to this before too long, so probably there will be another PV model showing up here sometime in November.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Commission - Goten and Trunks Posing

This is a rather simple commission I took on recently. I've been sitting on it for a few days, because it was up in the air just when the client would be able to get it colored. It looks like it may be a while, so I decided to post the lineart now. There will be colors later, though, but possibly not until November.

In this case all that was asked for was a simple shot of Trunks and Goten posing nude, and this is the end result. I think it's a cute little picture, and hopefully all you DBZ shota fans can enjoy this little bit of softcore fun.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Arthur - Did You Get All That?

So for a while now I've been thinking about doing some Arthur porn. I'm not really sure where it came from, exactly, but there are a handful of characters from the show I've been wanting to draw. At the top of that list was Bitzi Baxter, the mother of Arthur's best friend Buster. Something about her just hits the right spot for me, so I decided to have a go at her and her son, with Buster making use of the camcorder I remember him carrying around in many episodes.

I doubt I'll be doing a whole ton of Arthur stuff, unless you guys are into it. However, I would like to come back to the franchise again, if only to take a stab at Arthur's MILF as well.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Near Pokédex M197 - Umbreon

So I mentioned before that I had a couple of male Pokédex entries I wanted to get out of the way, and this is the first of them. I wanted to do something with Umbreon's ring patterns glowing, so this is the first nighttime scene in the Near Pokédex. I think one turned out pretty good, and I hope you guys like it as well. ^_^ The next Pokédex entry will be another male one, and it'll also be an Eeveelution.

I don't know for sure when I'll have another post ready to share. The commissions I currently have are all pretty far from completion, and I'm not spending too much time working on anything else at the moment. Hopefully I'll have something ready to share here before too long, though. If it ends up being a few days, though, please do not panic.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Commission - Trapped in an Elevator

So here's the first of a few commissions I accepted recently, featuring Cody and Yolei of Digimon passing some time in a stuck elevator. This was a pretty simple one for the most part, though I did my best to do something with perspective on this one.

Two of the three other commissions I accepted were comic pages, so it might be some time before they pop up here. This probably also means slowed production for a bit, though I will do my best to still get some pics up while I'm working on them.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tentacles Ahoy! - Noel Cypress as Applejack

So this is something I've been working on for a while. I'm a big fan of the site, and earlier this year I got to meet and get to know the site's founder Noel Cypress. Followers of the blog may remember Noel from the birthday present I was commissioned to draw for her by another model friend of mine. Well, before that project was started, I had decided I wanted to do some fan art of her. Pixel Vixens uses a creative labeling system for its content, and the label for hardcore action is the "Warning: Tentacles Ahoy!" logo you see in the corner of this pic. I decided to take that to its logical extreme, and did so with Noel in one of the costumes she wears on the site. Applejack was the cosplay she wore the first time I saw her, in the video parody "My Little Porny: Fucking is Magic" a few years ago. It's a funny, sexy movie, and Noel is sexy as hell in it, so I decided to use that version of her for this pic.

That being said, I hope to do tributes like this to some of the other models on Pixel Vixens. I've already begun one featuring my good friend Anya Lykke, and there will hopefully be others down the road. This series probably won't crop up here as often as, say, Near Pokédex or MomSwap, but I enjoyed doing this quite a bit and look forward to finishing Anya's installment. In the meantime, I recommend checking out, it's a great site if you like cosplay, sexy nerd chicks, and a positive/welcoming atmosphere.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Near Pokédex M428 - Lopunny

I don't know why, but for some reason I just haven't been feeling the Near Pokédex these past few weeks. That changed recently, and I finally got around to finishing this Lopunny I started back in August. I always really liked Lopunnies in the game, and I decided it'd be a cute one for the NPM.

A friend of mine recently proposed the idea of a commission with two specific anthro Pokémon. While the commission itself is probably still a long ways away, I thought in the meantime I would do Pokédex entries for the two Pokémon she's wanting to use in said commission. So, the next couple Pokédex entries will both be for the NPM, so I can work out how I want their designs to look.

Monday, October 10, 2016

NHML - Vados

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for October is Vados from Dragon Ball Super. I was pretty excited when she won, because I've been meaning to draw her ever since she first appeared in the show. Both her and her brother Whis are sexy as fuck, and I'd love to feature them more on the site. I have quite a few ideas for both of them, but we'll see what I actually get around to drawing.

In this case, I went with a suggestion made by the guy who nominated her in the first place. Cabba here doesn't have much interaction with Vados that I can recall, but since she put together Champa's team for the tournament I thought there'd be some potential there. Cabba himself is pretty cute, I'd like to draw him with Vegeta one of these days.

Anyway, now that this pic is up that means you guys have the rest of the month to nominate who you'd like to see as the featured lady in November. For those who are new, you can nominate in the comments, the cBox, or even by emailing me if you must, but please only nominate one lady. She has to be someone I either haven't drawn at all, or haven't drawn in a very long time (like, a few years). On the first of November I'll do a little raffle, and the winning lady will get a pic of her own sometime during the months.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

MomSwap - Pan and Videl

I wanted to do some MomSwap entries with Dragon Ball, since it's the most popular franchise for me to do around here. The only problem is, to do Mother/Daughter pairings in DB you basically have to go with DBGT (there's Bulma and her mom, but I prefer for Bulma to be the mother in this case). So, I have three DBGT entries planned for MomSwap, though the other two won't be the next entries. I'll do them at some point, just not sure when.

I'm planning to take a little break from MomSwap for a while, since it feels like I've been doing them rather frequently so far. They're a lot of fun and can be pretty quick and easy to do, which is perfect for right now when I'm working on getting these Patreon-sponsored comic pages out. One of the two is done now, by the way, so one month from today it'll show up here on the blog. Of course you can see it now (plus the other page, and if you do $5 or more extra large early access versions of my other work) if you support me on Patreon:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Commission - Ken and Yolei

So here's a commission from Patreon I finished recently. We've been seeing a lot of Ken through this same client, and I've been enjoying it. I was also happy to get to draw Yolei. She's not my favorite Digimon girl, but she's up there, and I hope I have more excuses to draw her in the future.

Things will probably continue to be slow for the rest of this week. I don't know for sure when I'll finish my Patreon obligations or even what post will be coming here next, but I'll keep doing my best.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Commission - Aftermath Prologue Colored

So recently I posted the lineart to this picture, the result of miscommunication and confusion between myself and the client who commissioned it. Well, someone over on Paheal liked the drawing and paid me the remaining money to turn it from a lineart commission to a full color one, and so here it is fully realized.

(Also, thank you to DBZ lover, who did another color job on this pic before knowing this was coming out, it was a lovely gesture.)

There might be a few days before the next post. I'm working on getting all my Patreon stuff out of the way as early in the month as I can, so I don't know for sure when I'll have something I can post here again. I do have a couple of commissions in production, which will hopefully be ready soon. We'll see how things go.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

TT - Titans Tower Nights 02

Finally we get the second page of Titans Tower Nights. Beast Boy sees that Raven beat him to the punch, so to speak, and a smug Raven can't help but rub it in his face a little. Beast Boy's jealous of what he sees, but which one is he jealous of?

This wraps up the comic updates for this batch. I'm working on the next batch already, but it'll be a while as the upcoming pages for some of those comics are going to be a bit complicated. However, the final pages should be good. I've also begun working on my new Patreon rewards, the first page of an ongoing comic as well as a standalone one-page comic, both of which were voted on by my supporters. Unlike the other pictures I post there, those two comics are available to all Patreon levels, and the same goes for voting on what will turn up in November. So even if you're not in the best place financially, $1 a month can get you access to those pages one month early, as well as the right to nominate ideas and vote on what I'll be drawing in the future.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

DBZ - Special Training 08

As promised, here's the new page of Special Training. Goku continues to use his son's face, and Gohan's so turned on by the treatment he's ready for another round. Hopefully this time he can last long enough to milk his father's cum.

I don't have a whole lot else to say this time around, other than there's still one more comic update coming tomorrow. Now that October's on us it might be a little slow on here for a bit. I have some Patreon stuff I need to focus on (which will show up here eventually, but you can get it earlier over there). I'm also working on my Halloween pic for this year; hopefully I can get it done before the big day itself. I feel like there's a lot of work ahead of me right now, but with any luck I'll be able to turn it all out for you guys.