Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NHML - Palutena

So the Near Hentai Monthly Lady for this month ended up being Palutena, the goddess from the Kid Icarus games. Some of you may recall not long ago I ran a poll asking who the sexiest video game characters were, and a perennial favorite was Pit, the protagonist of those games, so I figured this was a good chance to introduce him to the blog as well.

I've never played Kid Icarus, but I've played a lot of Super Smash Bros., so I feel like I know these characters pretty well through those games. I really like both of them, and have come close to drawing both of them in different SSB pics from time to time, but I've never been able to settle on any of my ideas for those games. This pic is a lot more straight forward than those pics were, just an angel boy and his goddess. I put them in Palutena's bath, which was in one of the anime scenes for Kid Icarus Uprising. I have no idea if it's in any of the games, but I thought Pit helping Palutena relax in her giant hot tub room seemed like as good a place as any for them to bone. This is why she doesn't have any of her usual accessories; she was already fully naked and soaking when Pit walked in (probably by mistake, you know how anime boys are).

So, there's a little over a week left for you guys to nominate for next's month featured lady. If you don't already know, all you need to do is pick out a female character I haven't drawn before (or, at least, haven't drawn in over a year or more). On the first of October, I'll hold a random drawing to see who the winner is from those nominated. Please only nominate one character per person.


  1. I'm gonna be honest, I didn't expect much from this picture. I don't like Palutena all that much, I think she's pretty bland and boring, by far my least favourite of the Smash girls, probably only tied with Rosalina. I just don't enjoy porn of her all that much.
    However, the inclusion of Pit saves this picture for me. Shota saves pretty much everything.

    As for the new nomination, I've been brooding over a few girls that I really want to see more of, then I thought "Who is the least likely of those to ever get any fanart?"
    So I came to the conclusion that I want to nominate the "Runaway Girl" (or "Ann"/"Anne" as she's called in the anime) from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. She only appears in the first half and is then pretty much dropped from one chapter to another, without as much a scene of farewells (in the manga, the anime did add one). If we can also give you some inspiration maybe, she's said, that she's on a world trip, without any financial support that the reader knows of. So prostitution springs to mind.

    Now that I think about it she's pretty close in appearance to Buddy. So I guess I just have a thing for tomboyish lolis.

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  3. Honestly, if you have any spare time, Kid Icarus Uprising is a really fun game.
    Smash Bros is great, but it doesn't really represent Pit or Palutena's personalities very well. They are very funny, as are the cast of supporting characters that surround them.
    Plus, it's also a fun game to play too. Assuming you can get used to the controls, which are the game's biggest flaw (if you're left handed, don't try playing it, just watch a lets play or something).

  4. Palutena is a bit chubby, why?

  5. Hello. I hope the poll is open. I vote Messua (Disney version), the adoptive mother of Mowgli. She is a hot woman, and I think she could have fun with Mowgli.

  6. voting for Lilithmon from Digimon taking a double vaginal