Saturday, September 17, 2016

Commission - Shaman King Spitroast

Here is the third of the four commissions I took on recently, featuring three of the main characters from Shaman King. SK was a franchise I was really into for a while. I read the manga in Shonen Jump, watched the usual 4Kids butchering, and even bought a video game of it earlier this year with the intent to Let's Play it (although I have yet to do so, and may not). I always figured I'd do porn of it some day, after all there are several characters I was into when I first read it, and Yoh was one of the first male characters I could imagine being into, but for some reason it hasn't really happened until now. This commission is a nice start, but I would really like to draw Yoh as a cumrag one of these days.

One more commission to go until I can get back to work on the ongoing projects you guys keep asking about. It shouldn't take long, if I don't have it ready by tomorrow it'll almost certainly be up Monday. :)


  1. >Be me
    >Checking Near's page
    >Seeing the word spitroast
    >Fuck yeah, finally some cannibal stuff
    >Seeing the pic
    >Remembering that spitroast is more than a cooking method
    >Remember that Near is not a vore artist
    >Be sad and feel stupid at the same time

  2. [Ray] Awesome Threesome Near! I never watch Sk but, is on my list to do so! Your work is now open doors to a lot of styles!! I know you don't like Naruto, but I would love to see a yaoi work from you of this anime/manga. Great pic!!!