Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Commission - Love In Boom 06

So it's been a while since this comic has updated, but that's because this one is outside my usual update circle. I have an arrangement with the client of this one where he also commissions a lot of pin-up stuff (many of the commissions I post are from him), and we get around to this comic when he feels like it. Sorry to the many people who have been asking about Love in Boom since page five went up, but hopefully this new update will satisfy you. ^_^

This comic's undergone some rewriting since it first started. Originally it was going to end right around here, but the client had a change of heart and now it's going to be several pages longer. That's good news for those of you who wanted to see more than just the blowjob, as originally one splash page was all there would be beyond that.

I'm still working on updating my other comics, but unfortunately I had to put them on hold for a bit. Personal financial stuff forced me to open commissions earlier than I had planned, and I'm focusing on wrapping those up before going full-force into my ongoing comics again.


  1. A new comic page?! ITS A MIRACLE!!! :D

  2. Delicious, please, by all means, keep Tails's dick in the picture. I love seeing it.

  3. Hmm... That was too hot ! <3
    ( Can't wait to see the next page when he raped him ! Meoow ! )

  4. Awesome! Really happy to see a new entry on this work, it is definitely worth the wait! Thank you very much. :3

  5. Any word on the next Love in Boom upload?

    1. I guess not, never gonna happen buddy.

  6. I LOVE IT :3.

  7. I wanna see one with Jet and Tails