Thursday, September 8, 2016

Commission - DigiTrade

The most expensive reward tier on my Patreon is the $70 one, which gives anyone who buys it one commission per month, even if my commissions are closed. So far only one person has donated at this level, and for the month of September they commissioned this little number. Here Davis and Ken from the second season of Digimon trade partners: Davis takes Wormmon and Ken rides Veemon. I stopped watching Digimon regularly sometime during this season, so I'm not as familiar with these characters as the originals, but I always liked several of the characters from this season. I wouldn't mind drawing Davis or Veemon again in different situations, as they're two of my favorites, and I became quite attached to Ken as well while working on this.


  1. I love this!! But Davis (top) and TK (Bottom) its the best! c: