Monday, September 5, 2016

A:TLOK - Korass

In order to keep from going a week or more without any posts, I quickly finished this picture I had lying around from April. It's difficult to keep the blog updated right now because I've had to return to my day job, which I've been away from all summer. Plus, I'm still trying to get the new comic pages out, which don't create immediate results as every panel tends to take about as long as a regular picture would. These things, plus other obligations like Patreon, are keeping me from pumping out several pics a week right now. To those of you frustrated by my inactivity, just remember: Nobody gets more angry or frustrated when I don't have anything to post than I do.

The Avatar series (both TLA and TLOK) is one I always want to draw more of, but never seem to get around to for one reason or another. Both series are filled with cute character designs I'd like to explore further, and maybe one of these days I'll get the chance.


  1. You are absolutely right Near! I hope that you will get some breath to do all this work! But, the most of your followers know you are working hard and you know that if you rush things, this is the worst to an artist!! Keep your pace, see ya!!!

    1. [Ray] I always forget hahaha

  2. a,anything whit Korra is awesome specialty season 1 and 2 Korra.