Saturday, August 13, 2016

STSH - Champagne Room

For a few years now I've wanted to do something with Sonnie the Sluthog. I even tried to do a comic with him once, going so far as to contact TheCon and Habbodude (who I believe are responsible for this version of Sonic, though I don't know for sure) and ask them if I could make a comic. Back then I was trying to do comic's all at once before posting them, instead of the page-by-page system I use today and, like all the comics I tried to do back then, it ended up dying off. It seems my interest in Sonnie comes and goes, and every time I tried to do something with him I would end up losing interest before it could be finished.

So this time when I got the urge to draw Sonnie again, I decided to just do a quick and simple picture instead. I think it's funny how sharply the colors of this one contrast with yesterday's post, but I wanted to try something more candy-colored here. I'd like to do more with this version of Sonic, maybe draw some of the other Sonic characters in similar fashion at some point. Let me know if you like this sluttified, bimbo Sonic or if you'd like to see Tails, Shadow, and the rest of the gang get similar treatment.


  1. If I'm not mistaken I believe it's habbo dude

  2. If I'm not mistaken I believe it's habbo dude

  3. I'm not gay but dat ass is too good that I'd fuck it.

  4. Awesome dude awesome�� Keep up that cute hedgehog butt and speaking of sonic porn when's the next comic scene of love in BOOM I can't wait to see what happens next woo hoo☺️

  5. Hey this is TheCon, I literally just stumbled upon this through google image search and I gotta say, this is looking fantasstic man! Would love to see ya draw more Sonnie sometime, your other works here are amazing to say the least. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! It's great to hear that from you! I hope I get the chance to do a lot more with him. ^_^