Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pokémon - Red 'n Gold

This is a picture I started a long time ago. At the time I really wanted to try doing something with Red and Gold since, of all the protagonists from Pokémon games, they seem to be the best ones to pair up due to them having actually met on Gold's games. I thought it'd be cute to see them on the losing end of a duel with Team Rocket, so here we are. It's sort of like the video game version of this picture, now that I think about it. Once I got it started, though, it seemed like there was always something getting in the way of it being completed, but eventually I got around to wrapping it up. Hopefully you guys can enjoy the final product.

Tomorrow I'll be posting the last of my commissions I had lined up. That means I should be able to focus more on my comic projects now that I can take a short break from them (until my commission raffle on Patreon, at least). I'd like to make some more progress on those, since I know people are anxious for the next pages but I've barely scratched the surface on completing them.


  1. Very very hot, those slim bodies and the tiny peek at their cocks being visible is excellently done ^^

  2. [Ray] Those boys are really cute! A pic with of both messing around would be greatly hot!! Amazing work Near!!!

  3. Richie from 1st season is best ^^