Saturday, August 27, 2016

Near Pokédex M475 - Gallade

Here's a Pokédex entry that's been requested a few times. Gallade is a possible alternate evolution for male Kirlia as an alternative to Gardevoir. Now that he's been added to the Pokédex, all we need to wrap up the male side of this evolution chain is Kirlia. I don't think I'll be doing that one right away, but it's nice to know we're close to wrapping up another group. The male Pokédex seems to be on top of that, while for some reason I've been jumping around a lot more on the female side.

Gallade has this weird thing going on with his hips, where they poof out around him. I'm pretty sure it's meant to look like old-timey pantaloons (whatever name they might have, I don't really care), but every time I tried to incorporate them into the design of the humanized Gallade they looked silly. Honestly, I think they look a bit silly on the regular design, too. So, I decided to abandon the idea and instead just made his ass a bit bigger than I'd originally intended. So, for anyone noticing that, they weren't forgotten.

I've been trying really hard to make progress on the new comic pages, so as a result I'm not entirely sure when the next regular posts will be. I might be able to do another Pokédex entry soonish, though I'm aware that for some people Pokédex posts are the same as no posts at all. Still, I'll do my best to have some good content during the last week of August, and I'm excited to see what September will bring us. Patreon is creating a lot of new opportunities for variety, and of course I'm always excited to see who the random Near Hentai Monthly Lady will be.

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