Monday, August 29, 2016

Near Pokédex F005 - Charmeleon

For some reason I can't stay away from the Pokédex lately. I keep coming back to it whenever I sit down to work, and I keep having new ideas for entries. Is I type this I have six or seven new entries I'm really excited to do (though I limit myself to working on only one Pokédex entry at a time). It's possible there will still be quite a few new ones up in the coming weeks, though I am still working on other projects, I swear.

I really, really like the Charmander evolution line. We've already got Charmander on both sides of the 'dex, and now Charmeleon as well. Sooner or later I'll do a female Charizard (though it probably won't be the next NPF entry), and then it'll most likely be the first line to be complete in both NPM and NPF.

There are just a couple of days left to nominate for the Near Hentai Monthly Lady in September, if you haven't already. I'll be randomly selecting a nominee on the first, and posting the winner in the cBox as usual.


  1. [Ray] Awesome entry Near! This position is so hot! I like so much Charmander evolutions, Charizard is my favorite! I know you have a lot of ideas, but a really hot Male/Female Entry would be "Vulpix", a cute pokémon!!

  2. When will there be a new space emperor or goku and gohan hyperbolic timechamber

    1. Both of those are in-progress right now, but I can't post them before they're done. Patreon sponsors got to see two of the completed panels in a special preview.

  3. Been playing fire red recently and got a male blastoise and female golem both would be pretty interesting to see