Friday, August 12, 2016

Commission - Sheath of the Stranger

Here's a commission I recently finished, featuring Nanashi and Kotaro from a film called "Sword of the Stranger". The basic set-up of the film is a pretty popular one in Japan, with a mysterious badass ronin (Nanashi, or "No Name") taking on and protecting a cute kid (Kotaro) and his dog (Tobimaru). The idea for this pic was to have Nanashi and Kotaro keep each other warm on a snowy night with body heat.

I saw bits and pieces of this film while doing my research for the pic. It's pretty violent and dark at points, but I think fans of samurai films will probably really enjoy it. The non-action parts with Nanashi and Kotaro are pretty cute, too. Kotaro's adorable, I'm not sure this pic does him justice. If you guys like this one, the client's hinted at a desire to commission more of these two in other settings, so it's possible they'll crop up around here again.


  1. Wow I'm impressed (did not expect to see this ova at all), the faces are pretty spot on. You should take the time to watch this movie you wont regret it.

  2. Months I was wondering what was going on in this pic. If figured it was Korra being picked by a dog but it makes sense now.

  3. Incredible. The lighting and snow matches the movie perfectly. Plus it sure is nice to see Kotaro getting it up the ass (looks like he loves it ;p ). One of your very best, Near!