Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Commission - H×H In the Woods

Sorry for the long pause with no updates. I'm still getting used to the new laptop, and things are progressing slower than I'm used to. While I've been practicing I've started several standalone pics, and hopefully some of those will end up finished and on the blog before too long.

This is another of the recent block of commissions I accepted, one of the two that had to be put off due to my computer problems. In this case it's a Hunter × Hunter piece. I never watched the anime, and only read the first volume of the manga (about a decade ago, at that), so I'm not terribly familiar with these characters or their world. However, since I've gotten numerous requests to draw H×H in the past, I figured this commission was a good chance to test the waters. So, if people seem to like this one I might try and do some more H×H stuff in the future.


  1. [Ray] Awesome Near, I love it!! Hunter x Hunter is my beloved anime, as One Piece!! Gon & Killua are so cute together, great commission!!

  2. Gon's expression is a little creepy, but past that I like it! More HxH is good with me.

  3. You should watch it! :3 and then draw more :D

    1. Great anime/manga, i agree with them you should definitely watch it.

  4. (Have to comment as Anon for now and will make an account later but....)

    I'm so happy with how this turned out :) Everything I asked for and more! I'm glad that I was able to commission the first HxH here, hopefully you do some future work with it! And as others said, its a great anime/manga worth checking if you have time!

    Thanks again Near!

  5. Oh yea moare HxH plz ^^

  6. You should watch/read more HxH, and make more porn of these two.

  7. OMG this is amazing. HxH is popular so I figured there was a chance you would make some pictures but this one was still an awesome surprise. And btw I don't think Gon's expression is creepy at all. Awesome job dude

  8. I really love this anime Near!! And I hope you draw this more!
    Your picture is awesome but I hope killua and gon's body shape is more slim with big penis.