Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Near Pokédex M252 - Treecko

So for some reason I recently got on a Yoshi kick, and I just got really into Yoshi porn. At the time I toyed with the idea of making some myself, and I still might, but from that kind of sprung this Treecko entry into the Near Pokédex.

I wasn't into Pokémon anymore during the time Treecko was introduced, but I think the design is pretty cute. I watched the episode(s) of the anime where Ash gets his Treecko, and the way they move in the show is adorable. There's a whole tribe of Treecko running around, hopping from tree to tree.

I don't know what sort of updates will be coming up soon, I've been sort of aimlessly jumping from project to project without feeling much passion for any of them. Whatever I end up working on, though, I hope you guys will like it.

1 comment:

  1. Hey i love this pokedex serie, i was wondering if you were going to do Kirlia & Gallade?