Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Near Pokédex F122 - Ms. Mime

So for this Pokédex entry I decided to try something different. This is by far the most tweaking I've done with a Pokémon's design, but I kind of wanted to see how a unique model for a female Mr. Mime might look. The actual Mr. Mime design is not only very male looking, but looks male in a way that I don't think would translate well to a female character. Some Pokémon that look like a specific gender but can actually be both male and femae (Gardevoir being a good example I've already drawn both ways) are ambiguous enough that there's not much change needed for either design. Others like Machoke look very male, but slapping some tits on and slimming the build slightly was enough for me to feel that one looked female. Mr. Mime had other problems... Mostly the hair, which may not even be hair. It looks like hair, though, and while I actually like bald women I don't care for the look of a girl with Mr. Mime's hair. I'm not sure I can explain it beyond that.

So, beyond the typical changes I've been making to proportions of the Pokémon, I thought it'd be best to translate Mr. Mime's two tufts of hair into pigtails, giving Ms. Mime (also the only Pokémon I've had to rename) a full head of hair that her male counterpart will not have if and when I draw him. Given how much shit I've gotten over design changes on Pokémon like Machoke and Voltorb, I'm expecting a lot of people will not be happy with Ms. Mime, either, but I can't say I care. I set out to tackle a problem Pokémon I felt I had a solution for, and I did it my way.


  1. I think you did it fine, no problems here

  2. I honestly didn't expect this one to be as good as the others, because Mr. Mime just looks so incredibly weird, but I think you managed to change it in such a way that it... really works, she actually looks rather sexy.
    I think most people disliked Voltorb because of how creepily weird it looked anyways, not because of the changes to its design.
    So I don't think they'll be too angry at this.
    Also the flavour text is really good. I'm totally into public sex, so that just doubled my enjoyment of the pic.

  3. [Ray] I think you did well, Near! If have a pokemon who I want to see is Meowth, but a Male version...he so kawaii!!!

  4. She looks Phantastic! I want one! Where can I get MIME?!

  5. I enjoy these Pokemon ones!