Monday, July 18, 2016

KP - Ride Along

Kim Possible is one of those shows I rarely seem to get around to, just because I have too many ideas for it and I don't want to get sucked into a black hole of just drawing Kim Possible forever. Since there are so many other artists doing great KP work out there, that never bothers me, but one character I don't think I've ever seen used is Heather (no last name I could find).

In the episode "And the Mole-Rat Will Be CGI", Kim and Ron catch the attention of a Hollywood director, who gets two big name actors to shadow them so he can make a movie based on Kim's life. Kim's actress is Heather, who appears to be an A-list celebrity in their world (despite not being mentioned before or after this episode, to my knowledge). Unlike a lot of similar plots in other shows, Kim and Heather seem to get along famously (no pun intended) most of the episode. Kim has a few hang-ups that seem to mostly be jealousy over Heather's popularity, but they never quarrel or anything, which is refreshing. Since Heather's job in the episode is to learn everything she can about being Kim Possible, I thought I'd look into what other things Kim might have shown her to help her get into character.

While early access isn't something I advertise on my Patreon, $5+ patrons did get to see the full-sized version of this pic yesterday evening when I first finished it.


  1. I was expecting this pic to be good, I always seem to enjoy Kim Possible porn, even though I'm not big on the show itself. Mix that with shota-incest and you've got a masterpiece in my mind.
    Great job on that.

  2. Awesome picture! I can really feel them going at it the way you drew em! I missed the straight shota stuff so this is really refreshing C:

  3. [Ray] Cool! I like Kim Possible, but these twins are lovely! Near, if you do another with Jim and Tim would be awesome a yaoi picture them with Goten and Trunks :)
    Waiting so bad, new chapter of ''A Trip To The Past''!!!

  4. Not to try to push you further into the blackhole of KP, but I'd like to see the pointers Ron would give.