Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Commission - Legacy

I should preface this post by saying I haven't read or closely followed DC Comics in years. I tried very hard to stick with them through the New 52 reboot, but it was very difficult as I disliked many of the titles I had read before the reboot. Several of the comics I enjoyed in the new universe were cancelled, or became worse, and I basically fell out of the habit of reading comics. So, even when things sounded like they were picking up, or something happened I thought I would enjoy, because I was no longer used to going to the comic shop and walking away with armloads of materials I never bought them. So my knowledge on recent events in comics is second-hand at best, but I'll try and provide background for this picture.

I chose to do this commission as a favor to the client, who was one of the first people to commission me (and the first to do so consistently). If you go back and look at my older commissioned stuff, anytime you see pegging or superhero couples sharing partners, that was him. He actually commissioned a few small comics from me (one featuring the Fantastic Four in an orgy with the the Inhumans, one with Superman and Lois swinging with Mr. Miracle and Big Barda). Neither of those comics will likely ever see the light of day, though, as I had planned to release them as an anthology with future commissions from him, but that fell apart and they're horribly outdated now.

In this picture, the idea was for the new Superboy and Robin to be getting fucked by their mothers/mother figures (we decided Catwoman was more recognizable/likable than Talia). The new Superboy featured here is Jonathan Kent/White, the son of Superman and Lois raised in an alternate universe after they escaped the cataclysm of the reboot. I've read a little bit of Lois & Clark, the title that introduces him as a character, and I think the new title pairing him up with Batman's son Damian could be a lot of fun. Lois here is sporting her new MILFy haircut from that series, for those of you used to her having longer hair.

Due to the size of this commission, and how unreasonably long it took me to work through it, I wanted to wait until it was behind me before I opened commissions again. So, now that this is done and published, I'll be temporarily opening the doors to new commissions. All of the information for that is on the sidebar.


  1. i can totally see these two being into this kind of stuff. I always felt they needed to be butt fucked...literally and metaphorically.

  2. Excellent job on the commission! Thanks again for making it :D