Monday, July 11, 2016

Commission - July 24 02

Alright, so ever since the last round of comic updates I've been working on July 24, Sleepover Raid and A Trip to the Past. Basically I've split my regular ongoings into two groups of three, my original comics and my commissions. Of the commission batch, the next page of July 24 was by far the simplest. It has less than half as many panels as the other two, so it finished considerably earlier than they did. The good news there for fans of either Sleepover Raid or A Trip to the Past, though, is that now I am working on one fewer page than I was before, so hopefully they'll both move along faster now. For those wanting an update, both pages are still in the inking stages, but are very close to being ready to color. Of course, once they're 100% done they'll be popping up here soon, but I want to say that asking about them has absolutely zero effect on how fast they come out. I appreciate that people are excited for the next pages of comics, but I already work on them as quickly as I am able without ruining my life or driving myself crazy, and besides that the only people I owe anything to are the individuals who commissioned them (who, by the way, are more patient than many of the people getting these comics they paid for for free).

I know people who follow this comic may be disappointed to see that we're still in the exposition stages, but this is the pace the client wanted for his comic. He didn't pay for too many build-up pages, though, and there is some more hardcore material on the next page, which will come around once I've worked through the rest of my comic workload. Like with the other comics, though, asking or prodding for the next page changes nothing about how fast it is worked on or when it will come out.

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  1. But it ain't even the 24th yet lol