Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Commission - Frieza Loves Goku

Here's another commission from the same client that paid for Goku and Frieza together last month. This time they requested Frieza masturbating while wearing Goku's over-sized Gi, with a Goku dakimakura in tow. Once again Frieza is presented her with different genitalia than he has in either version of Space Emperor Slut, which I think is convenient to help separate these commissions from that comic's canon.

This is the last commission I had queued up directly, but I want to wait a while before I open them back up again. I'd like a little bit of a break from them, personally, and hopefully having a cleaner plate will make it easier to get out the comic pages I'm working on. If and when commissions are open again, the first place it'll be shown is the sidebar on the side of this blog.


  1. All those hours of fighting Goku sure got to him. He certainly wanted to be closer.

  2. Make blue ssj goku and. Golden freeza