Sunday, May 8, 2016

KP - Compliance Chips

I'm sure many of you remember the season one episode of Kim Possible, where Drakken uses compliance chips on both Shego and Kim (even dressing Kim up as Shego!). As far as mind control goes, these chips were pretty hardcore, turning even the heroic Kim Possible into a slightly cross-eyed obedient puppet. I'm sure anyone who's into mind control probably imagined something similar to this happening during the time Drakken is alone with the two girls, which we're never shown.

I drew this one a few months ago, but just recently got around to coloring it. I think it still holds up in spite of its age, and I'm happy to have more Kim Possible content on the site.


  1. Ah yes big fan of analingus. Hope the Teen Titans Comic has plenty of it.

  2. Perfect work, and yes - this is exactly what should have happened with those mind-control chips ^^