Thursday, May 26, 2016

Commission - Majin Delights 02

Alright, so here's the second and final page of Majin Delights. Hopefully now everyone can see why it took as long as it did, especially considering I've been traveling all week (and working extra hours the weeks before that) and had very limited time to work on it. The size of this page is my own fault, though. Behemoth didn't give me a script or anything, if he had requested this number of panels it would've cost quite a bit extra. No, all he said was for Goku to verbally humiliate Vegeta, and that there be some analingus, but beyond that left me to my own devices. So I went overboard due to my recurring problem of not being able to make up my mind on what I want to use, and going with everything instead.

I know some of you have been concerned about my lack of updates lately. Most of you have been polite about it; for some reason a few of you have left very mean-spirited comments that seem to suggest my absence was some sort of punishment or something I was doing on purpose. I deleted those comments (no need for that kind of idiocy around here), but I want to make something clear. I don't do this for anyone but me. When I am unable to work, the person who suffers the most for it is me. If I am not posting, it is because I can't, either due to schedule or (as we saw earlier this year), due to technical problems. It is never because I'm upset with a portion of my fanbase, or because I'm pouting that someone doesn't like something I drew. My site is, by design, very varied in content, so I expect most people to only like a portion of what I do. It's very natural, and it doesn't upset me.

Now for some updates, especially for those of you who may be unable to see the chatbox. There was a couple days wait between finishing this page and getting confirmation from the client, and in that time I was able to finish the next Pokédex entry, which will go up tomorrow. After that, I doubt I will have anything new to post for some time (though hopefully I can pull something out). However, once I get back home I am looking forward to starting work on new pages of Space Emperor Slut and Special Training. I'm going to test a new approach where, instead of working on one page and then the next, I'll work on the two at the same time. Hopefully this will lessen the wait time some, and if I like this approach I'll start using it for my other comics as well. What I imagine is this will make the next comic (SES) take a little longer to post, but the one after it (ST) will go up much quicker in exchange.


  1. Nappa: "wow Vegeta, I had no idea you were a slut-prince"

    Vegeta: "goddamn it Nappa..."

  2. I love it Near! The text, the sex positions and the way you organized the panels! Goku is really hot as top! I certainly know how difficult is do all this pages! But, I'll wait for your upcoming comics, specially "Trip to the past" because I know will be worth! Keep doing this great work!

  3. Don't let the bad comments get you down, man. You definitely have a good attitude about it, just keep on trucking and everything will work out.

  4. Once again, thank you so much for the lovely job you did here! I am glad you deleted any negative comments you may have received. I can tell that you work very hard and you produce high quality content, so I hope other people can appreciate that!

    1. I was happy to do it, man. Hopefully we can work together again some time.