Friday, May 6, 2016

Commission - Majin Delights 01

I've hinted at it here and there on the site, but I recently accepted a new comic commission and here's the first page. Now, I accepted this commission for two reasons. 1) DBZ yaoi is very popular on this blog, and I've never done the most common yaoi pairing in Dragon Ball, and 2) the comic is only two pages long. For that second reason, I've decided to suspend my other comic projects until both pages are done, so hopefully soon you guys will get to see the second and final page of this one very soon.


  1. Definitely this is a popular yaoi pair, Goku & Vegeta! Unfortunately only 2 pages! Yet, I'm sure that short-comic will be awesome! Great page Near!

  2. I don't like it but it's only two page so it's ok i guess

  3. "You left me without a rival. Unsafisfied."
    That's kinda hot.

  4. This is so beautiful! I love how easily Vegeta is succumbing to Goku's sexiness. You did a great job on the coloring, too :)

    As for the negative anonymous comments here...well...I hope those people are supportive of you on your other pieces instead of just coming here to complain. Pretty rude.

    Either way, thanks so much! Many people on tumblr love the job you did here. :)