Saturday, April 23, 2016

Near Pokédex F025 - Pikachu

I really wasn't expecting my next post to be another Pokédex one, but these pics just go by so quickly that in this case I accidentally finished it just while taking a breather from "A Trip to the Past" (coming soon!).

As the mascot of the franchise, it was important to me that Pikachu get added early on to this collection. I kind of struggles a bit with her head, Pikachus basically have a big fat head that goes straight into their shoulders, with their neck kind of melting into both the head and torso. It's a fine design for an animal, but it looked weird with these more human proportions so I had to fiddle around with it a bit. In the end I'm happy with the final result, and I hope you guys will be to.

I've been extremely pleased with the response this project has been getting. Every time I start one of these I'm filled with anxiety, as I have very little experience with furries and I really don't know if I'm pulling off what I want to do. However, most people seem to enjoy these, which comes as a huge relief.

I think the next time I post a Pokédex entry, I'll try switching to the "M" set. I haven't done a male entry yet, and I have a few ideas. While I intend to have some entries for both genders, I'm not quite ready to draw the starters again, so the first Near Pokédex M entry will actually be one most of you probably won't expect.


  1. Pokedex series is awesome Near, if you can do a page with Ash and another pokemon would be amazing! Super anxious to see the next page of "A trip to the past"! It took a little, isn't?

    1. I don't plan to use any recognizable human characters in this series, to keep each image focused on the Pokémon design. However, I might still do something with Ash and either an on-model Pokémon or some of these designs at some point.

    2. I understand! But, this "something" you'll do with Ash, will be a yaoi? I saw your pics with him and all he's bottom hehe I love when he is top in yaoi pics! Well, that's up to you! Your art is amazing, keep up!

    3. I don't have anything specific planned, so who knows?

  2. I like the detail on the tail! Awesome as always.