Thursday, March 17, 2016

DBZ - Special Training 06

As usual there's been a long wait between pages (a whole month!), but the new Special Training is finally finished. In this page Goku continues to give it to Gohan, but the poor kid just can't hold out.

Don't worry, though, just because there's an orgasm in this page doesn't mean the story's over. I still have plenty of content planned for this comic, so I'll see you all in a month for page seven (hopefully sooner! lol).


  1. Man the progression of your drawing is really impressive, i looked at your past work and your new content and i find the improvement phenomenal. Btw really love the 2 gohan story arc keep the good work !

    1. Thanks! I'm always striving to improve!

  2. Super hot page, Near! I love this position on hentai/yaoi pics! Another brilliant work!

  3. Dude i love your work. Would love to see some of Yugo from wakfu someday drawn by you, he's a really underrated shota

  4. Hello man well done ! Would really love to see one like this naruto and jiraya