Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DBZ - After Classes

I've been saving this pose for a while, now, trying to decide when the right time to use it would be. Somebody recently suggested a pic of Erasa, and suddenly I found myself wanting to use her and Videl in this position, so here we are.

I always really liked Erasa, she was probably my favorite supporting character from the Saiyaman episodes. However, working on this reminded me of some of the other characters from those episodes that get even less attention in the porn community than she does. I don't know how I'll use them yet, but I definitely want to do a pic some time with Videl, Erasa, Angela (the girl who blackmails Gohan into a date) and Miss Hamilton (their teacher).

In this pic I tried something different with the colors. For accuracy, I pulled my colors directly from the source material, instead of making my own (I've been doing this more for some other shows, like Squid Girl, but never for DBZ). I'm not sure I like it for this show, the characters feel a bit too pink in the skin. Let me know if you all have an opinion, but I think the natural DBZ color scheme may be off from what I want to use in my own work.


  1. Thanks! the girls looks awesome. great idea to see a erasa, videl, angela & miss hamilton in your futures drawns.

  2. Have you thought about doing something with Miss Piiza?

    Also a Maron picture with her, and either Gohan or Goten/Trunks would be great, especially if she think she's tutoring them, LOL.

    1. Maron getting fucked in doggystyle position by a lucky yajirobe while krillin and gohan are fighting agaisnt garlic jr.

  3. Even in the Dragon Box DVDs, the colors are not really accurate with what you'd find on the original cels. If you're going to use colors directly from screenshots for DBZ, I'd recommend color correcting first to have more natural-looking tones.