Monday, March 7, 2016

Commission - Is This Gay?

This is a quick one-off commission I just completed, featuring Huey and Riley from The Boondocks. The idea was to play off Riley's homophobia (and implied repressed urges), while also making him a bit of a tsundere. I think the pic turned out cute, and I can imagine a world in which I might draw these two again. I had always assumed if I ever drew The Boondocks it would be Jazmine Dubois and her mother, but the power of commissions changed my fate. I hope to get around to drawing those two at some point, though.


  1. nigga dis blog can be so ghey :) <3

    These two are hot, sweaty wincest

  2. Goddamn it nigga you gay

    1. All dem niggas be gay

  3. Damn n***a this blog gay! Seriously. All the Boondocks shota out there sucks. This is phenomenal. I always found Huey hot as shit! Great job.

  4. Yessss I love this so much