Saturday, March 26, 2016

Commission - Good With Words

Don't worry! I'm not starting a new comic! Well, okay, I am, but this isn't it. This commission is just the one page.

This commission was inspired by the last Boondocks commission I did. Both pics were paid for by different people, but while working in them I've grown to really like the designs of this show. I think even if no other commissions come in, I'll probably be doing more Boondocks stuff in the future.


  1. I can totally hear Riley and Huey saying this

  2. Hi Near! Is close the next page of "A Trip To The Past" or will have some days/weeks to post?

    1. The comic I'm working on updating right now is "Sleepover Raid", but after that I'll be turning my attention to "A Trip to the Past".

    2. I understand Near, thanks!