Sunday, February 28, 2016

Commission - Love In Boom 04

So the new Love in Boom page is finally ready for release. Here we see Tails continue to educate Knuckles on the fun they can have together that doesn't involve putting shapes into holes (or maybe it does, actually). Knuckles isn't up on terminology like "blow" though, but thankfully Tails is here to show him how it's done.

There should be more Sonic stuff outside this comic soon, I hope. When I ran a poll asking what franchises you all wanted to see more of, Sonic seemed to lead pretty consistently. I've wanted to try different stuff with the Sonic characters (not just the Boom versions, but the classic designs as well) for some time. I'm just trying to decide what I want to do first, since I'm torn between a handful of very different options.

Next comic update will likely be a new commission I recently accepted. I'm not currently open for new projects, but this one was a bit too enticing to pass up. Given the tastes of many of my followers, I don't think you guys will mind once you see it. Until then!


  1. This is a pretty interesting comic, so far. When will the next page be up?

    1. This comic runs on a slightly different schedule than the others, as the client commissioning it also commissions other standalone pictures between pages. When we do the next page is up to him, but there are one or two other commissions I think he wants done first.