Sunday, January 3, 2016

DBZ - Special Training 03

While I'm working on commissions I found a little bit of time to crank out the next page of Special Training. I know there are people looking forward to each new page, and I hate the idea of keeping them waiting any longer than I have to.

Goku was surprised to hear his son say he'd been intimate with Piccolo in the past. So, while he lubes him up, he has Gohan tell him about his first time. Gohan relates the story of how he not only lost his virginity, but how he picked up his submissive streak.

I don't think I'll be using Piccolo too much in the future. There's just so many lines on the guy! Plus, it's always frustrating to use a character where people can't agree on what their genitalia should look like. I went with a standard green cock here, but it's also not his natural genitalia. As Gohan alludes in the narration, Piccolo used an ancient Namekian technique (it's not clear whether he already knew it, or if it was something he picked up from Nail) to grow a cock, similar to the other body distortion techniques he's shown. Or the clothes beam, I guess. I imagine Piccolo's groin normally would look more like the first two stages of Cell, with one of those pink pads over it.


  1. Oh God! I'd eat Gohan's ass until I died of dehydration!

  2. damn so hot! cant wait to see Goku destroy that fat ass

  3. More more more more more more more more more more more more more

  4. I dont like Piccolo and Gohan. I like more Goku and Gohan.
    And it would be better when Goku take his Sons virginity.
    And the violence is something i dont like. And that Gohan like it is, not good too.
    But the comic is good.

  5. I'm sure you have your own ideas in mind, but if you're accepting any recommendations for to have done in this comic, could there be some spanking? Could Goku also get rough with Gohan? :3

    1. I do have my own ideas, you're right, but I'm always open to the ideas of others.

      As for your specific recommendations, though, I am already planning for there to be elements of both down the line.

  6. Hopefully Goku gives Gohan a good blowjob.

  7. I freaking love this comic and I love everything about it. S-so hot and I can't wait to see more. <3