Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Commission - Love In Boom 02

After much waiting, the second page of "Love in Boom" in finally ready. Here we see Knuckles grapple with a challenging, mentally stressful shapes puzzle while an unimpressed Tails tries to get him to focus on other things. Knuckles has to beat this game, though, and Tails can't help but peek down between his legs while he's distracted.

I know this comic moves slower than mine usually do, but I promise there's action on the way. In the meantime, enjoy some casual nudity.


  1. "Play something else together" like what :D

    Fireworks soon??

  2. This was inspired partially by Doris Wishman's Nude on the Moon, ever seen it? Basically a tasteful nude film, having nothing to do with sex but perfectly comfortable in its exposure. Always figured Sonic and his friends would see life the same way, carrying goggles and scarfs and such as a want, not necessity.