Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2 Boys Ride a Harley - Page 1

Here's the first page of "2 Boys Ride a Harley", my collaboration with Everfire. He handled pretty much everything but the colors, which I took care of.

This was an interesting page for me, because it presented some elements I've never really worked with. The cars and city backdrop, not to mention the guns, are all the sort of thing that I don't usually utilize in my own work. I rather like how they play here, though, and I tried to enhance the drama as best I could with my color choices. For something new to me, I'm pretty happy with my contribution.


  1. You both are my two favorite shota artists! This is like a dream come true ;-; Also! Good work on the coloring! You really give the page life! Tell Everfire some random fan said "You rock!" for me please ^.^

    1. Thanks, I'll pass along the message. :)